Multi-stage Split-Case Centrifugal Pumps

  Multi-stage Split-Case Centrifugal Pumps are designed for efficient industrial service and are ideal for applications requiring higher heads than can be reached with the standard horizontal split-case pump. Flows range from 20 GPM to 650 GPM with heads up to 800 Ft. Use for the following applications: Boiler Feed Service, High Pressure Booster Service [...] read more

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Metering Pumps

  Metering Pumps are designed to deliver a precise amount of liquid over a wide range of pressures, in a set period of time. They are available in both reciprocating piston and diaphragm designs. Metering Pumps are available in a broad range of corrosive resistant materials of construction. Flows range from 3 GPD (Gal. Per [...] read more

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In-line Centrifugal Pump

  The space saving design of the In-line Centrifugal Pump makes it ideal for a wide range of industries. These pumps can be installed in the piping system like you would a valve. The back pull-out design allows for the removal of the motor, motor support, packing box cover, and impeller as an assembly and [...] read more

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High Pressure Piston & Plunger Pumps

  High Pressure Piston & Plunger Pumps are designed for use in commercial, agricultural, OEM,and General Industrial applications. Their low flow, high pressure performance characteristics are ideal for high pressure spraying of cleaning solutions,herbicides, insecticides, hot and cold water, water jet cutting, steel descaling, fire service, oil field service, water hydraulics and many other services [...] read more

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Gear Pumps

  Gear Pumps are designed to handle a wide variety of materials from water to hard-to-handle fluids. Since Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps they have good self-priming capabilities and are capable of handling liquids with a wide range of viscosities. Flows range from 1 GPM to 160 GPM with heads to 500 PSI. Use [...] read more

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Drum Pumps

  Portable Drum Transfer Pumps are designed for the safe transfer of chemicals from drums, carboys, tanks, or other containers. Their lightweight design allows them to be easily moved from one job to another. Drum Pumps are available hand operated, electric AC and DC motor driven, or air motor driven. Available From Theses Manufactures: AMT [...] read more

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Chemical Process Pumps

  ANSI standard centrifugal pumps for the chemical process industry. Standard ANSI dimensions allow easy installation of replacement pumps. ANSI Pumps provide flexibility, long service life and simplified maintenance. Top center-line discharge allows self venting of any air from the casing on start-up, and the back pull-out design allows for easy maintenance when used with [...] read more

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  Griswold’s total commitment to the removal of solids is reflected in its full line of separator models. Choose from threaded, flanged, flanged with removable dome, or ASME certified versions in sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 20 inches. The units range from 6 GPM to 11,827 GPM. Standard construction material is carbon steel with stainless [...] read more

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Manual Cleaning Filters

  The Harmsco up-flow cartridge filter was patented in 1968. This unique design eliminates air entrapment during operation, by-pass during servicing, and, because of the up-flow design, air is self-purging. All Filters housings are manufactured of 304 St. Stl. and are Electro-polished for increased resistance to corrosion. For additional Chemical resistance, housings can be supplied [...] read more

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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

  Air operated diaphragm pumps are activated by compressed air or any non-flammable compressed gas. These pumps are self-lubricated and non-stalling. A wide range of products can be pumped, from clear water to highly viscous, abrasive and chemically aggressive materials. Air operated diaphragm pumps require no electrical connection so explosion-proof motors are not needed. Available [...] read more

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