Vertical Process Pumps


Vertical Process Pumps are designed to be space saving and eliminate the problems of leaking seals and packing boxes experienced with other pumps. The immersed fluid end is always primed and with the unit mounted on top of the tank you can eliminate many of the housekeeping problems associated with other pumps. The Cantilever shaft design eliminated submerged bearings and provides dependable bearing life. These units are available in a broad range of materials from Cast Iron to Alloy 20. Flows range from 25 GPM to 3600 GPM with heads up to 150 Ft. TDH.

Use for the following applications: Coolants, Circulation, Metal and Parts Washing, Paint System Water Curtains, Water & Detergent Rinse, Pickling, Brush Scrubbers, Filter Feed, and Plating Tank Circulation.

Available From Theses Manufactures: Crane Deming PumpGusher Pump