Pump in our Expert Five-Step Process

Pump in our Expert Five-Step Process

Interstate Pump maintains a large and modern repair facility in Salem, Ohio stocking parts for many popular pump and filter lines. We offer complete repair service for all makes of pumps and filters.

Our repair procedure is an Expert Five-Step Repair Process to ensure your pump is thoroughly repaired and ready for use!

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1. Inspection
We begin with a thorough inspection and disassembly of the pump to diagnose the needed repairs.
2. Cleaning
Before repairing, a complete cleaning takes place to begin the transformation into a restored pump.
3. Repair
Our expert staff ensures the repairs are done correctly and within a timely manner.
4. Assembly
Once the pump is restored, it is assembled back to full working order.
5. Painting
Before shipping the pump back to you, we repaint to ensure the pump will not only fully operate as expected, but look new as well.