Manual Cleaning Filters


The Harmsco up-flow cartridge filter was patented in 1968. This unique design eliminates air entrapment during operation, by-pass during servicing, and, because of the up-flow design, air is self-purging. All Filters housings are manufactured of 304 St. Stl. and are Electro-polished for increased resistance to corrosion. For additional
Chemical resistance, housings can be supplied with a Fluropolymer coating applied to all St. Stl. surfaces. Filter cartridge elements are arranged in a single “cartridge cluster”, so all cartridges are removed at one time.

Harmsco “Hurricane” Industrial Filters were introduced in 1972 to meet the increased performance requirements
of the industrial marketplace. This filter is a separator as well as a Cartridge Filter.

In addition to the “Up-Flow” and “Hurricane” Filters, Bag Filters are also available.

Harmsco offers the most complete line of pleated polyester filter cartridges found anywhere.

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